Young Person

We support young people who are homeless. This can be if they are sleeping on someone’s sofa or floor, rough sleeping, staying somewhere they feel unsafe, and/or have been asked to leave their home.

We also provide respite for young people struggling in the family home, placement, or supported accommodation, and we will support them whilst in mediation or looking for a new place to live.

All young people need to complete a referral form with a support agency or a Nightstop staff member so they can be placed with a volunteer.

When a young person is accepted on to the project, we will show them who they are staying with and how to get there.

Once at the host’s home, they will be provided with their own room, evening and meal, and breakfast, washing facilities, clothes wash and dry, and someone to talk to or a quiet place to get some headspace. In the morning, if a young person needs a place to stay, will return to the referral agency to complete a form with support agency or Nightstop staff member.

If you need somewhere to stay, please contact the Nightstop Team on +44 (0)1803 551578 or email and we will talk you through the process

Common questions from young people:
Is Nightstop Free?
Yes, we do not charge.
Will I have to travel?
Yes, but we will always try to place young people at a host’s home with the least amount of travel.
I have food allergies; will I be able to eat?
Yes, we ask if you have anything food allergies or dislikes before we place you and tell the host.
Will I get the WiFi password?
How long can I stay on Nightstop?
It depends on a few things: whether a host is available and if you are actively trying to find somewhere permanent to live. Nightstop is not permanent accommodation.