Youth Work

To find all of our youth work policies, please click the following link: Youth Work Policies

YMCA South Devon has been working in Torbay for over a decade with young people that find mainstream education a struggle to cope with. We provide support for young people that have been excluded or are at risk of being excluded, by providing them support with their emotional and social needs, we also support those whose particular needs mean that they fall between a mainstream and specialist school. By treating each young person as an individual, understanding that each of them comes to us with a complex range of needs we are able to design a bespoke package that meets their particular requirements, and enables them to feel more confident and able to make the right choices. Our experience and knowledge of young people enables us to understand the behaviours they portray, allowing us to provide for them in a unique way, tailored specifically to their needs.

Our 1:1 service offers different activities and sessions, our facilities at the YMCA include a woodland area with log cabin, for forest school activities, two well equipped kitchens for cooking and baking, a sports hall, an outside basket ball court, a garden for growing vegetables and flowers and computers and laptops for more formal learning. Being situated in such a lovely part of the country means that we also have a vast range of places on our doorstep that we utilise regularly; the beaches, parks, headlands and moors, various museums, swimming pools, Paignton Zoo etc are all visited regularly.

Some young people are able to work in small groups, either straight away or after time built forming a relationship with their personal development coach; these groups encourage young people to interact socially and emotionally with their peers in a safe, calm environment. The sessions, activities and discussions that can then take place, enhance their personal growth and development, often leading to integration into a new mainstream environment or back to their original school.

By using different approaches and environments with the young people we support, we enable them to explore their feelings about themselves, how to understand the reasons behind their reactions to situations, understanding that when children feel safe and secure they make better choices. By taking the time to build relationships with the young people, they then feel listened to and valued, which in turn boosts their self esteem and enables good decision making.

Our bespoke package includes a personal development coach chosen specifically with the young person and their needs in mind, all the planning for sessions and activities, a written report and attendance at any meetings, ensuring a multi agency approach, liaison with parents/carers, all transportation costs and lunch provided for those eligible for free school meals.

To find out more about our youth work programmes, including 1-1 work, please call 01803 551578.