At Muddy Wellies we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework to help us observe, plan and document your child’s development.

Once starting with us we will assign your child a key worker. They will be responsible for the planning and documenting of your child’s progress. We use a whole setting planning which changes every two weeks, meaning that your child will be accessing lots of different activities throughout the days they are with us. We document your child’s progress in two different ways, firstly Tapestry, a secure online learning journal that observations will be uploaded to weekly. Secondly we have a green book where your children’s ‘Wow’ moments will be recorded.

Each Month we change our theme to correspond with the time of year, and events that are happening. This year 2018-2019 the theme’s we have chosen are as follows:

September- People who help us
October- Autumn
November- Colour and light festivals
December- Winter wonderland
January- New beginnings
February- Transport
March- Spring
April- Easter
May-Cultures of the world
June-Our favourite stories
July- Summer

In additions to this we will also do many others festivals and special days that happen throughout the year.